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update: 20.01.2019
The Shire Horse is also called "Gentle Giant". With it the behaviour of the horse is meant. The heights at withers is with mares 163 cm and with stallions / geldings 168 cm. Country of origin is Great Britain, where it only as an knight's horse (from 11. Cent.) and later than as acarriage horse (from 18. Cent.) was bred. At that time the beer consumption in old England required a lot of supplies. As a draught horse it serves even today in the tourism branch and finds as a logging horse in woods also an employment. With it especially strong build and the long hangings in the legs they cut during various shows a fine figure. The name Shire is derived from the name Shire (county), because this race was bred first in Yorkshire and Staffordshire.
One of the first walking with Tori
My gentle giantess very likes cuddling, but also playfully. This sometimes brings on walking ways also problems, if it hops high-spirited.
Typical snoot of  Anouk
Anouk "grumbles", then makes them this typical, amusing pose.